Inspection & Verification


Inspecting solar system is necessary and crucial in order to make sure that system works its 100%, inspecting a system required vast technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills.

Pricing: (Residential)
Visual Inspection, code compliance check and report, $150 for single visit for maximum of 2 hours.

Advance= Visual Inspection, Code compliance, array check, shading report, measurement of inverter and check over all health of the system and make recommendations. maximum of 2 hours $350

Commercial pricing, please call.


Technical knowledge of Solar PV system is required and a must if want to make right assessment.

When it comes to Inspection pricing, there are many factors that we need to consider, such as:
A) Type of Inspection ( Solar, Electrical, etc…)
B) Basic or Advance
C) Height of the building and how steep
D) Distance