Company History

We are a company with over 16 years in the field of clean energy, especially solar power panels. We are proud to bring to organizations and companies a natural source of clean energy, contributing to reducing global pollution. We are still on the road trying to develop clean energy technology to bring the most satisfaction to

Working as Installer
in 1999 the owner of the company started working as sub contractor for Akina Solar, Sun power and First Solar to name a few.
Company Established
In 2004 the company was founded with the name LA Solar Energy by Shawn Alvandi who is now CEO & president of the board.
Expand the field of activity
By 2007 Company hire and train sales team and established a office and sold and installed over 20 PV solar systems.
Become a Top rated solar company
By 2012 company has over 250 installation for residential and 12 commercial projects
Successful research new generation of PV System.
by 2016 company have a good track record and inspect and repair over 800 systems since the inception date.